Cassie Schmidt, LMT  YL Member #1433763

Cassie Schmidt, LMT
YL Member #1433763

My name is Cassie, I am a licensed massage therapist but more importantly a Christian, wife, and  mom of 3. God will always be the focus and center of my life and I give all glory to Him. I am married to an amazing man and have 3 amazing children! I think of Young Living as a ministry and my focus is about helping and blessing others with the tools and knowledge God has given me.  I recently became licensed again as a massage therapist after taking a break for a couple of years. 

This journey of health and wellness really started in 2012 when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby. I never have been much of a medicine taker but I really hated the idea of having to give medicine to my kids when they are sick. Personally I would just suffer through it or I would even take over the counter medicine on occasion, because it's over the counter means "safer, less side effects" right? I have taken my fair share of Tylenol and Ibuprofen over the years! I knew I wanted to try to stay away from medicine as much as possible for my kids and support our health and immune system before we get sick. I am not against modern medicine, there is definitely a place for it, but I didn't want it to be my first option.  One of my friends had started using essential oils and I was intrigued but didn’t really believe they would do much. I thought Lavender will help you relax and Peppermint may smell great and be energizing but I didn’t really know anything else.

 I never really researched essential oils why they work or how. I had ordered Lavender, Peppermint, because I really like the scent of the two, but honestly I thought they were kind of expensive.  I would have my husband rub my feet with the peppermint or Lavender after standing on them all day and it would help them feel more relaxed.   

I started reading more about the oils supporting different body systems and I started getting more and more interested but it took me a while because I really didn't have the money for this new adventure. Finally after months of thinking about it I decided to sign up and become a member! It was $150 at the time but it came with so many oils ( now it comes with a diffuser plus a bonus oil). It’s really not that expensive when you think of how much you spend on trying to fight off illnesses throughout the year, why not support wellness instead!   Not to mention you can make cleansers such as hand soap, laundry soap, counter and floor cleaner.  I have done a complete overhaul on the chemicals in our household and have never looked back since. That is how I got started with Young Living essential oils! 

"In thy presence is fullness of Joy" Psalm 16:11